Why SheMarkets?

Because we believe there’s another way to be successful.

We set out to prove a model of equity and inclusion grounded in collaboration and co-creation could be just as effective as a company where competition and comparison are the norm. And it’s working!

Power imbalances in traditional work environments favor a limited few. Women — especially at the intersections of gender expression, age, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, race, ability, size — have been routinely exploited and marginalized in these work cultures.  We are shifting that paradigm.


We decided to create a feminist approach to business. 

To quote revolutionary feminist bell hooks, “Feminism is for Everybody” — and we say “including in business.”

It starts with equality. At SheMarkets, everyone has a seat at the table, everyone has a voice. 

And the result? Our work together is richer, stronger, and better because of it. Our clients and client teams are joining in — and their businesses are thriving too!

To put it simply, how we work together is as important as the work we create together.

SheMarkets Group is passionate about changing the world and living out the change we want to see. Woman-owned and led, we’re a great place to work and believe this change starts at home:

  • We empower and mentor each other to step into leadership and create lives we love, filled with meaning, purpose, and play.

  • We’re committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and safety.

  • We’re invested in deconstructing hierarchical, patriarchal business structures.

  • We’re fierce protectors of the Earth, her resources, and sustainable stewardship.

  • We’re a learning organization with a growth mindset. We’re curious, open, and evolving.

  • We work collaboratively across teams and with our clients to deliver cohesive, effective strategy and stellar implementation.

  • We help young people develop new skills and find their place in the world of marketing through internship programs and training.

  • We give back to our communities through volunteering, charitable donations, company-wide training, and by boldly standing for what we believe in.

  • We create work-life balance! We cook, travel, pursue passion projects, roller skate, sing, dance, binge watch murder mysteries, and love our families, friends, pets, plants, and gardens.
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“…SheMarkets team helped me to arrive at a look and feel that represents my brand and message perfectly.”

“The branding specialists on the SheMarkets team helped me to arrive at a look and feel that represents my brand and message perfectly. I’m excited to finally have a site that pulls the diverse aspects of my work together so well.” 

~ Kriste Peoples, Teacher, Speaker, Writer, and Ambassador

Our mission is to create a world that is cooperative, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and compassionate.

About SheMarkets Group

SheMarkets Group is a woman-owned and woman-led full service digital marketing agency. We’re passionate about partnering with thought leaders, mission-driven companies, NGOs, and non-profits on the front lines of creating positive social and environmental change to innovate and optimize their marketing strategies.

Our team of experts work with you and your organization to design online engagement strategies that amplify your message, inspire positive action, increase conversions, and drive revenue.

SheMarkets Group offers strategic consultation for:

  • High-Level Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Product Development 
  • Live Online Events
  • Done-For-You Marketing Packages
  • Creative Design Packages
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“The SMG team brought critical marketing capability across a wide spectrum of needs…”

“The SMG team brought critical marketing capability across a wide spectrum of needs that helped us expand our reach, build our list, and impact our base.” 

~ Ben Schick, President, Strozzi Institute and Leadership Board, Women’s Earth Alliance

Thought Partnership, Collaboration & Care

We offer a range of marketing services from high-level strategy sessions to done-for-your marketing services.

We hold each project with the same care and attention we give to our children, pets, and plants.

We look forward to serving you, your mission, and your customers.